The Krakow Heritage Society was founded on 1 January 1897, and has since this date been developing in accordance with its original statute: the promotion of research into Krakow and the dissemination of knowledge about the city. It is also responsible for the conservation and preservation of historical monuments and the organisation of social and cultural events on the theme of Krakow and furthermore concerns itself with the publication of research made on the city’s history.
The Society is a member of the international organisation “Europa Nostra” (Polish group “Patria Polonorum”), whose aim is the protection of Europe’s cultural heritage.
Among the Society’s many achievements are 148 monographs making up the series 'The Krakow Library' ('Biblioteka Krakowska' ) which has been published since 1897; 20 volumes of the series 'Krakow Past and Present' ( 'Kraków Dawniej i Dziś', published between 1953 and 1978); 72 volumes of the 'Krakow Annual' ('Rocznik Krakowski'); 25 volumes of 'Materials' ('Materiały') (volume nr 24 in preparation) from the symposia held yearly and devoted to Krakow; 12 volumes of the series 'Fontes Cracovienses' and many others, including an outstanding guidebook to Krakow.
The Krakow Heritage Society has currently over 500 members and is divided into several committees and commissions, each of which is active in a specific field e.g. restoration, dissemination and others.

The Society holds:
1. Weekly academic presentations on topics related to Krakow. Held on Tuesdays, 17:15 at the Society’s main office,
2. Yearly symposia under the common title 'Krakow within the History of the Nation',
3. Photographic competition 'Let us Salvage it from Oblivion', accompanied by an exhibition of the prize-winning works,
4. For seven years the Society has been a co-organiser of a yearly campaign 'Win the Badge, Friend of Krakow' - a series of lectures and sightseeing trips in Krakow
Starting from 1981 every year the Society has granted the prize funded by Jan Zygmunt and Maria Robel from London, for outstanding research, popularising or restoration activity in connection with Krakow’s past and its historical heritage. Moreover, since 1995 the Society has awarded the Klemens Bąkowski prize from its own foundation.
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