Bartłomiej Groicki (ca. 1534?-1605)
The adligat (several books in a common binding) containing the 17th century editions of very popular works on city law by Bartłomiej Groicki: : The Order of Courts and City Matters According to Majdeburg Law, Articles of Majdeburg Law, Court Proceedings Concerning the Punishment to the Throat, Law on Payment at the Courts under Magdeburg Law, Register to the Order and Articles of Maydeburg and Imperial Law, Titles of Majdeburg Law, Abrogatio et Moderatio Abusuum & sumptum (?) and the work by Jan Kirstein Cerasinus (1507-1561) Enchiridion aliquot locorum communium Iuris Maidenburgeñ
The order of the binding of Bartłomiej Groicki’s books was not random. Most frequently, at the beginning of the adligat there was The Order of Courts, because of the great value attached to this work by his contemporaries.

1616, Krakow

Printing House of Łazarz/Maciej Jędrzejowczyk (died 1638)
Print, 17th century binding:wooden boards, leather
Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, ref. no S.II.1008

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